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01 Jun

The United States has said that it has handed over six of its military installations to the Afghan Ministry of Defense as part of the withdrawal of American forces from the country.

The United States Central Command in Afghanistan said in a statement: "The United States has officially handed over six military bases to the Afghan Ministry of Defense."It is said that the United States may continue to transfer its bases and other military facilities to the Afghan authorities as part of the troop withdrawal.

Earlier, the American command in Afghanistan said that according to the estimate of the US Central Command, we have withdrawn 30-44% of our total forces from Afghanistan.Meanwhile, a few days ago, Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, announced on Thursday (May 27) that the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan continues at a faster pace.

He said in a meeting in Congress: "The withdrawal (of American forces from Afghanistan) is actually going faster."It should be noted that based on the peace agreement between the US and the Taliban group, all foreign forces were supposed to leave Afghanistan in May of this year, but the Biden government changed its timetable for the withdrawal after reviewing the agreement and announced that the withdrawal of troops would take place by 11 It will be done in September 2021.

Shabnam Niazi

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