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A great story can change lives, change laws, and can even change the world. Whether it is a documentary, digital campaign, commercial, or narrative feature film, the passionate team at KARPO Production is breaking stereotypes.
Challenging itself to discover unexplored nuances in human stories. KARPO Production is a full-service video production and media production company in Afghanistan.
The unique advantage of working with us is our unrivaled approach to bringing a cinematic quality to every project we take on.
Whether it’s intended for television, film, a corporate audience, or social media.
As a full-service video production company in Afghanistan. We give complete solutions from line production to post-production; from basic idea to final film. We’ve created Documentaries, Commerical Advertisements, Campaigns, and Short films for international companies.
We work with businesses, agencies, brands, organizations, nonprofits, and the development sector. Our videos also work on social media platforms; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and TikTok. We’ve done film festivals, TV and so much more.

our services are currently unavailable

We apologize for the inconvenience, but our services are currently unavailable. .از شما پوزش می‌خواهیم، خدمات ما در حال حاضر قابل دسترس نیست