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12 Aug

Following the increase in violence in the country, the British and American embassies in Kabul asked their citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country as soon as possible.

 Following the deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan, the British and American embassies in Kabul asked their citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country as soon as possible using the available commercial flights.

Stating that the level of consular assistance of the British Embassy in Afghanistan is very limited, the British Embassy asks British citizens not to rely on the ability of this embassy to take them out of Afghanistan in emergency situations. The statement adds that the staff of the British Embassy in Afghanistan are not able to travel outside of Kabul due to security reasons, the land route from the provinces to Kabul is dangerous, and this embassy is not able to provide services in other provinces.

On the other hand, the ability of the American embassy to help the citizens of this country in Afghanistan is very limited due to the security conditions and the reduction of employees, so this embassy warned the American citizens not to travel to Afghanistan. According to the US threat analysis, Afghanistan is at level 4, which is prohibited due to crime, terrorism, civil insurgencies, kidnapping, armed conflict and covid-19.

These warnings are issued after a sophisticated suicide attack on the house of Basmullah Mohammadi, the Acting Minister of Defense and the assassination of Davkhan Minepal, the head of the government's information and media center, in the past few days. This is while the Taliban have taken responsibility for both the mentioned attacks. 

On the other hand, the outcome of the peace process in Afghanistan is in an aura of uncertainty and heavy clashes continue between Afghan security forces and the Taliban, and fierce clashes are going on in Herat, Shabzghan, Kandahar and other parts of the country.

The Taliban have taken control of almost all the areas bordering Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and have besieged the border gate of Haryatan, which is the most important trade route to Uzbekistan, from both sides, and they are also focused on Ghazni province in the southwest of this country.

Based on reports received from local authorities, the Taliban has taken control of more than 150 cities out of 407 cities in Afghanistan. On the other hand, in today's conflict with the Taliban, the Afghan government forces lost control of the center of Nimroz province on the Iranian border for the first time, and this city came under the control of the Taliban. The United Nations announced yesterday that more than a thousand civilians have been killed in the conflicts of the past one month in Afghanistan. 

Shabnam Niazi

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