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My Voice Weekly The voice of equal rights for all

The Voice of Humanity for Human Rights

Founded in 2014

KARPO Media and Publication Group operates in Kabul, Afghanistan. Headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan, the group employs over 32 individuals across 5 businesses. KARPO Media and Publication Group is free and independent media. This media group is not affiliated with any institution, organization or military, political, social, or country group.

KARPO has been widely recognized for its role in bringing news and entertainment to underserved populations. It serves over 200 million people through its activities in broadcasting, digital & online, production, strategic communications, newspapers, publishing, music, sports and research.

KARPO Media and Publication Group is dedicated to the voice of women, student, artists, refugees, civil values and human rights, especially women's rights, and promoting freedom of speech, culture, social justice, rule of law.

Channels and Platforms
Hftanam-e-Sadaye Maan (My Voice Weekly Newspaper)
Sarahang Music
KARPO Printing Press
KARPO Production

Short-term and long-term workshops
Experienced people serving to journalist
Years experience in journalist & media
KARPO Group that was Founded
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