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12 Aug

The worsening security situation in Afghanistan, especially in the northern provinces, has forced Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, the leader of the National Movement Party, to prepare a security plan and share it with President Ghani and the Acting Minister of National Defense. Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, in his last meeting with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, said that the time has come to work together with the security and defense forces to improve the security situation and defend the values and stand against the enemy.

Marshal Dostum has suggested to the president to send 500 troops to Jawzjan according to the security situation of Sheberghan city, the center of Jawzjan, which was accepted by President Ghani. He has called for the creation of a mobile and field office in the north of the country to strengthen the security and defense forces and popular mobilization by the Ministry of National Defense.

Mr. Dostum, in his meeting with Basmullah Mohammadi, the Acting Minister of Defense, emphasized on recapturing the lost areas and preventing the fall of the provinces. It is not yet clear whether the declaration of military status in Marshal Dostum's security plan means a state of emergency or not, but according to some military experts, the purpose of General Dostum's plan is a state of emergency.

How effective is the plan suggested by my friend? Will the implementation of Mr. Dostem's plan change the security situation in the north? Are the popular uprisings and Marshal Dostam's forces capable of resisting the Taliban's invasion? Abdul Shakur Waqif Hakimi, a member of the House of Representatives and a member of the leadership council of the Islamic Jamiat Party of Afghanistan, said in a conversation with the media: "There is no information yet about the details of Mr. Dostum's plan. But in general, successful military plans are said to be comprehensive and have a universal nature, which means that presenting a plan only within the framework of the National Movement Party led by Marshal Dostum cannot answer today's challenges. 

At the same time, another source in the Ministry of Justice says that this Ministry has been working on clearing the state of emergency law for some time now. The source says that this law is supposed to be submitted to the Cabinet after the finalization of its draft and after making the necessary amendments to the National Council. The Ministry of Justice has not officially said anything about this.

However, the declaration of martial law in the country is part of Marshal Dostum's security plan, which was not rejected by President Ghani. Ehsan Niro, the spokesman of the National Movement Party, says that Marshal Dostum has suggested that a large meeting be held in one of the commando units with the presence of political leaders and that the military situation in the country be announced. The spokesman of the movement party said that reaching the general situation of the country, the northern and northeastern provinces of the country was one of the axes of the conversation between Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum and President Ghani. Niro added that the security of Kabul city and its beltways, the Hamid Karzai International Airport, the establishment of regular forces in the north of the country, and the monitoring of the situation in Kabul city by the national security are other axes of Marshal Dostam's security plan.

General Dostum came to Kabul from Turkey after the security situation worsened in Jawzjan and Faryab and met with President Ghani Dr. Abdullah and other government officials and political leaders. It should be noted that the premise of the formation of a military government in Afghanistan and the adoption of the draft of the state of emergency law have been raised while the security situation in the country has deteriorated recently and a number of cities in the country are in a fierce war with the Taliban fighters. And including the city of Zaranj in Nimroz and Shaberghan in Jawzjan, it has fallen to the Taliban, and a fierce war is going on in the city of Kunduz, and the cities of Lashkargah and Herat are also undergoing fierce wars.

Hasibullah Yousufi

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