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12 Aug

The US Embassy in Kabul has announced that the time for leadership and determination against the aggression and violence of the Taliban group has come. The embassy tweeted on Sunday, 17 Asad: US President Joe Biden said that the Afghan government and the security forces of this country have the possibility of success in terms of "training, facilities and the number of troops" and now is "the time for leadership and will to face aggression." And the violence of the Taliban. In this tweet of the US Embassy in Kabul, the hashtag "One nation, one Afghanistan and Afghanistan, the country of heroes" has also been published. 

The American Embassy in Kabul has condemned the ongoing violence in several cities by the Taliban group. At the same time, in the statement published by the American Embassy on Sunday, 17 Asad, it is stated that the fighters of the Taliban group entered the city of Zaranj, the capital of Nimroz province, with military force, and have continued their attacks on the cities of Shaberghan and Lashkargah.

The declaration adds that it is unacceptable to exercise the rule of the Taliban group through coercion and violence. And contrary to this group's claim that it works for a non-military solution. The declaration adds that this action of the Taliban disrespects the human rights of civilians and aggravates the humanitarian crisis in this country. 

In the declaration, the Taliban group is asked to agree to a lasting and comprehensive ceasefire in order to achieve a peace that will end the suffering of the Afghan people and find a solution for a political agreement that will benefit all the people. take Afghanistan The declaration added that this is the only way to ensure that Afghanistan will not become a safe haven for terrorists again. 

In its statement, the embassy called "Taliban group's actions to impose their rule" in contradiction with the claim of supporting the Doha peace agreement. According to the Doha agreement, Taliban representatives had promised not to attack the cities.

Hasibullah Yousufi

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