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31 Dec

The Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan says that as a result of an explosion in the seventh district of Kabul, one civilian died and two others were injured.According to Sputnik, Tariq Arin, the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, says that the explosion occurred at around 8:15 this morning (Thursday, 11 Jadi) in the Noh area of the 4th Tower.

Mr. Arian also said that a Corolla car was targeted by a mine explosion. According to him, the injured have been taken to the hospital for treatment.
No individual or group has yet taken responsibility for this event.
Lately, mine explosions have increased in Afghanistan, including in the city of Kabul.

Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president, said that the formation of the Kabul police is to be doubled based on the plan of the six and a half security pact meetings.

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