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12 Jan

Local sources in Helmand province say that as a result of an explosion in a security forces post in Lashgargah city of this province, three soldiers of the security forces have died.

Omar Zwak, the spokesman of the governor of Helmand Province, told Khame Press that this incident took place last night at around 07:00 on Saturday (Jadi 21).

He said that this incident happened in the first security area of Lashkargah city in Shahid Ghsltan area.

Mr. Zwak said: "The explosion happened on a new police station, as a result of which three policemen died.
He also said that until now there is no detailed information about this event.

According to Mr. Zwak, the investigation into this incident is ongoing.
So far, no group or individual has claimed responsibility for this explosion.

Shabnam Niazi

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