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23 May

Four years before today, President Ghani issued a decree naming the 9th of "Hot" as the national security and defense forces day, and the Afghan cabinet also approved it. 

Since then, the 9th of Hot was included in the calendar as the national day of the country's security and defense forces, and since this day, it is celebrated every year throughout the country to support the defense and security forces.Although some say that the name of this day is not defined in the national calendar; But in a country like Afghanistan, where civil wars had managed to challenge the concept of security forces in the military structure, naming such a day was an urgent need, and this action of the Afghan government is justified and good.

However, peace is not only the wish of the citizens, but also the wish of every Afghan soldier, because they have spent nearly two bloody decades in the trenches of war and the point of Afghanistan's geography, and these same soldiers have given many victims so that a day in the calendar will be named after them. 

But the main point is that the heads of government, politicians and political opponents of the Afghan government must accept that our soldiers are defending us at the cost of their lives on the battlefield, and we should not ignore or bargain with their men.Even though the Afghan government considers and distributes privileges such as awarding residential land to the martyrs and disabled of the security forces in recognition of these heroes, it is also the duty of the Afghan government to facilitate the work process of the families of the martyrs of the security forces. Security and defense of the country should be given special attention.

Last year, on the day of honoring the security and defense forces of the country, Mr. President Ghani said that as the supreme commander of the armed forces, he will make more efforts to finance, equip and train the security and defense forces. 

A commitment that never achieved the desired result during the national unity government period, and today it can be seen that Mr. Ghani has fulfilled this commitment in proportion to his mane, and the security and defense forces have shone brightly with the initiatives of the first vice president in some cases. 

Even though in the past years, the incompetence of the war commanders and political leaders of the country were always criticized by the people and civil activists, but now, despite all the challenges, there have been many changes in the livelihood of the security forces and attention to the martyrs and disabled of the security forces. Has been one of the proposals that was given to the government was that all the families of police and national army soldiers who fight in the fronts should be insured so that no child from the families of these martyrs would be forced to do hard work instead of continuing their education, which according to the government officials. 

Work has been done in this field and currently the government is paying special attention to this field and has actually started the work.I hope that next year, the 9th National Day of Support for the Security and Defense Forces of the country will be celebrated in an atmosphere of peace and intimacy and we will witness an Afghanistan far from violence and war.

Hasibullah Yousufi

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