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07 Aug

As a result of the Taliban attack on Kunduz, 11 civilians were killed and 41 others were injured.

Citing the media, Ehsan Fazli, head of public health in Kunduz province, told 8sobah newspaper that 11 bodies, including four children, and 41 wounded were brought to the hospital from the fighting on Friday night, the 15th of Asad.

Fazli added that four children were among the dead and 10 children and 31 men and women were among the wounded.
The head of public health of Kunduz called the health condition of 10 of the wounded as critical and added that there may be changes in the number of dead and wounded. Because the war is still going on in parts of Kunduz city and some wounded may be stuck in the houses due to the intensity of the war.

Mohammad Yusuf Ayubi, the head of the Kunduz Provincial Council, says that until now, the war continues in parts of Kunduz, including the areas of Se Darek, Chahartaq, and Forty Girls, between the second and third security areas of the city.

He also said that the outpost of the security forces in the area of Chehal Dukhtar has fallen into the hands of the Taliban, the flying of helicopters has stopped and the Kunduz airport is under security threat. However, he noted that there is sufficient force in Kunduz city.
It is kaftani that Kunduz is considered as one of the strategic provinces in the northeast of the country. The center of this province has been attacked many times by the Taliban.

Shabnam Niazi

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