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16 Feb

General Scott Miller, the commander in chief of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, announced on Friday (26 December) during his visit to Herat province, the heavy pressure of the Afghan special forces on the Taliban. He praises the increase in special operations by Afghan commandos against the Taliban, but says that these pressures should pave the way for peace talks.

In his meeting with the local authorities of Herat province, he said that the commando forces launch an operation against the Taliban every night so that this group is forced to enter into peace talks.

This American general says that so far no order has been given for the withdrawal of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan: "Nothing makes me happier than seeing commandos launch operations every night. And today they have put a lot of pressure on the Taliban. As a soldier, I support a political solution for Afghans to sit together and put an end to this violence."At the same time, Abdul Qayyum Rahimi, the governor of Herat, warns that the people of Herat do not want a peace that will lead to the destruction of the country's army and security forces: "The people of Herat want peace, but a dignified peace. We do not want peace at the cost of our eighteen years of achievements. The people of Herat do not want a peace where our security and military forces will be destroyed.

 In this meeting, Major General Nurullah Qadri, commander of the 217th Zafar Army Corps, said: "Until peace comes, we will carry out our joint training and operations with strength and coordination, and operations against terrorists continue in several parts of the west of the country." ».Although in the meeting of General Miller with the security officials in Herat, more measures were emphasized on the issue of securing the western parts of the country, but now the entire district of Bala Murgab Badghis and parts of Farah are known as unsafe areas.

Hasibullah Yousufi

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