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08 May

The EU warns that refusing a ceasefire will make future EU aid to Afghanistan more difficult. 

Roland Kobia, the representative of the European Union in Afghanistan, said in a tweet today that the European Union has repeatedly called for a humanitarian ceasefire in Afghanistan, but the conflicting parties have refused to accept it.

Mr. Kobia added that this will make it more difficult for the European Union to provide political aid and financial support to Afghanistan in the future.He emphasized: Refusing to cooperate with us (the European Union) today, in turn, will make it more difficult for us to cooperate tomorrow if we need political assistance and financial support.

This union announced on August 28 last year that the warring parties should have a complete ceasefire to fight the corona virus.
This union added: Everyone has the right to receive help to fight the corona virus, and for better help, first of all, a ceasefire should be established and people's access to receiving humanitarian aid should be guaranteed.

The Afghan government welcomed this request of the European Union and announced that it accepted it for "humanitarian" reasons.
The Taliban, however, rejected the request for a ceasefire and said that the group's repeated requests for a ceasefire are unreasonable due to the non-implementation of the commitments of the Afghan government and the United States.


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