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29 Jul

Every year, this day is celebrated by raising the tricolor flags of the country on the roads and holding cultural programs in Kabul and other provinces. 

 Sarwar Danesh, the second vice president of Afghanistan, has called the flag a symbol of a nation, state or country and says that flags have played a very important role in creating a sense of mutual understanding, unity of various ethnicities, religions and religions within the framework of nation-states.

Mr. Danesh wrote on his Facebook page: "National Flag Day" provides an opportunity for all the people of their country to see themselves under the big umbrella of the country and the nation and acknowledge that all identities, beliefs and sub-national cultures are ultimately one. Another big identity becomes the name of the nation-state, which is a sign of unity and solidarity, pride, pride, freedom, honor, independence and national sovereignty.

At the same time, a number of other prominent figures in Afghanistan have also honored this day and say that the flag is a symbol of freedom, national sovereignty and people's unity.Mansour Naderi, the Minister of Peace Affairs, called this day happy and wrote in this regard: The flag represents the unity and integrity of nations. Raising the flag, which is one of the national symbols of a land, is a source of national pride and a revival of the national spirit of the people. Our flag, which is a symbol of freedom, national sovereignty and people's unity, is also a reflection of our Islamic values in the first step.

Even so, the cultural leaders of the country consider the current flag as the flag of the republic and democracy, Farhad Darya wrote on his Facebook page with a congratulation on this day: "In short, from behind the bakery oven to behind the computer keyboard, from behind the leader's desk to the sports fields, from the homeland Let the immigration properties become "35 million soldiers" with our pens, harps, needles, hammers, cellphones, hymns, and shovels and protect life!

On the other hand, a number of residents of Nangarhar province celebrated this day with dancing and dancing.At the same time, Nangarhar Governor Ziaul Haq Amarkhil went to the roads and waved flags to the people to honor this day.
The residents of Nangarhar province celebrated National Flag Day today (7 Asad).

Hasibullah Yousufi

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