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11 May

A number of political representations of foreign countries in Kabul raised their flags at half-mast to show solidarity and share in grief with the people of Afghanistan.

The government of Afghanistan declared public mourning due to the deadly attacks on the female students of Seyed al-Shohda School in the west of Kabul and the candidates for the entrance examination in the city of Pul Alam, the center of Logar province.

The representation of the European Union and the embassies of the United States, Great Britain, Germany, China, Finland, Sweden, and many others raised their flags to half-mast to show their solidarity with the Afghan people. The political embassies of Western countries in Kabul expressed their sympathy with the families of the victims and the people of Afghanistan. The embassies of Western countries In Kabul, they have demanded an immediate and permanent end to the violence in Afghanistan. The Logar attack took place in the evening of Friday, the 10th of Thor, in the city of Pul Alam. 

24 civilians, most of whom were students and had come to Logar center from a village in Ezra district to prepare for the entrance exam, were killed in this attack. 115 others were also injured in this attack.
No individual or group has claimed responsibility for this attack, but the Taliban has been declared responsible for this attack. The attack on Seyed al-Shohada school took place on Saturday, the 18th of Thor. This attack was caused by three explosions which according to official statistics left 85 dead and more than 150 injured. Most of the dead were female students of this school. No individual or group has claimed responsibility for this attack.

Shabnam Niazi

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