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29 Jul

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that a delegation from Afghanistan is going to Pakistan for a joint investigation into the abduction of Silsala Alikhel, the daughter of Ambassador Najibullah Alikhel, the Afghan ambassador in Islamabad.

According to the news release of this ministry today (Thursday, 7 Asad), the medical reports and other documents obtained regarding the case of the kidnapping of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador in Islamabad, prove that after being abducted, Mrs. Alikhel was subjected to torture and physical and mental violence. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has emphasized that no reason can justify the occurrence of a "crime" that has been proven according to medical reports and other available documents.

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states: "According to its international covenants and obligations, the government of Pakistan is obliged to ensure the security of political representatives and the complete immunity of Afghan diplomats and their family members." Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to speed up the process of following up on the incident of kidnapping, immediate arrest and punishment of the perpetrators of this crime.

The ministry has emphasized that the investigation process has not been completed yet. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, any prejudice by the Pakistani authorities in this regard hurts the feelings of the Afghan people and increases the concern about the transparency and credibility of the investigation.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his meeting with Afghan journalists in Islamabad on Thursday (7th of Asad) that the evidence and documents obtained prove the opposite of the words of the Silsala Alikhel.

It should be mentioned that Sila Alikhel, the daughter of the Afghan ambassador in Islamabad, was kidnapped on the 25th of Cancer. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that he was kidnapped for several hours and released after torture.

After this incident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called its senior diplomats from Islamabad to Kabul to eliminate security threats. 

Shabnam Niazi

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