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01 Jun

UNAMA called on the warring parties in Afghanistan to do more to protect civilians.

According to KARPO Media and Publication Group, the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) in a newsletter, while emphasizing the reduction of violence, has asked the parties to the war in Afghanistan to stop attacking civilians.

UNAMA said: "The heavy casualties recorded by UNAMA in this news emphasize the necessity of reducing violence. To progress in the Afghan peace process, all parties should work to protect civilians."In this statement, the UNAMA office added that at least 23 civilians were killed and 49 others were injured in only seven incidents recorded last week in Kandahar, Helmand, Uruzgan, Sarpol, Parwan and Kapisa.

According to this organization, many civilians are killed and wounded by the indirect fire of the National Army and the Taliban.The statement said: "Afghan forces' airstrikes and anti-government elements' mine explosions have caused many civilian casualties. 

UNAMA will share its findings with the parties and urge them to take all measures to protect civilians." "This is while a few days ago, the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, Tariq Arian, told reporters that in the past month alone, 248 civilians were killed and 527 others were injured in the country.According to Mr. Arin, these civilians have been victims of the Taliban's aggressive attacks and mine-laying.

Mahshid Yousufi

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