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12 Dec

There are several stories about how Fardin Amini, the news anchor of Ariana TV, died.Fardin Amini's family claims that he was mysteriously killed by unknown people and that this incident should be thoroughly investigated.

But Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president, said that Fardin Amini's death was not a terrorist incident.
The Ministry of Interior, which said yesterday that Fardin committed suicide, now says that his death is a criminal incident.
Fardin Amini died mysteriously in Kabul yesterday.

A day after his death, a picture of his hand appeared on social networks, apparently showing Fardin committing suicide with something in his hand.

Fardin Amini's uncle Shir Abd al-Din told TOLOnews today: "Our demand from the security forces is that the prosecution be serious and the murderers be punished for their actions."
Hassibullah, Fardin Amini's neighbor, also added: "They killed him. This child was educated and a successful speaker. It was not mental. Which violence did not have a family and had a peaceful life. Why did he commit suicide?

In order to find out how Fardin Amini died, today we went to Manshi Mir Gholam town, in the Kariz area of Shekar district of Kabul Valley - where this incident happened - but the irresponsible gunmen in this area did not allow us to go to the main place of this incident. and take a picture.
Sakhi, who was a witness to the incident of Fardin's death, says this: "When I arrived at the scene of the incident, he was alive and I was about five to six meters away from where he was taken in the Ranger."

The first vice president said in the meeting at 6:30 this morning that Fardin Amini's death was not a terrorist incident. Amrullah Saleh has emphasized that Fardin's family has the right to seek justice, but if there is a claim of mystery, the police will be forced to put all members of his family, including women, under investigation.

Tariq Arin, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, stated: "It is a criminal case. Police conducts its final and technical investigation and we share its results. But unfortunately, Amini's family did not allow the forensic investigation."
Fardin Amini worked in various media for several years and was a news anchor for Ariana News since one year. He got married a year ago.

Fardin is the fourth journalist to die in Kabul in the past month. A day before Fardin's death, Malala Mayondi, the news anchor of Efras TV, was killed in Nangarhar. Before that, Ilyas Daei, a journalist of Radio Azadi, and Yema Siavash, a former anchor of TOLO news programs, were killed in separate explosions in Helmand and Kabul.

Mahshid Yousufi

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