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14 Jul

Shabnam Niazi is a successful and active human rights reporter, born in 1993 in an intellectual and cultured family in Kabul city. She completed her primary education at Neswan Deh Dana High School in Kabul and then entered Shahid Rabbani University of Language and Literature. It was during his university years that he started publishing white poems and by participating in many scientific and cultural meetings, she also entered the big media community.

Mrs. Niazi is also a member of the Free Association of Journalists of Afghanistan and the Council of Journalists, and she entered the world of media by promoting various scientific and cultural programs, through which she has provided many services to women, youth, music promotion among women and issues related to special occasions.

Mrs. Niazi's activities started with magazines and continued to radio and television, and author of three books: “Women The Second Sex”, " Human rights guide" and “The Causes of Women's Suicide in Afghanistan” She is an active person in society. By participating in seminars to strengthen the morale of women, children, and the fight for literacy, she wants a progressive and civilized society. She belongs to a special group of women, and we, fortunately, consider Mrs. Niazi in the category of prominent women in society, who, despite ideological and social problems and obstacles, has been able to exist as an active woman and has been able to be a role model for her peers.

Mrs. Niazi's poems, articles, program announcements, formation of social groups for women and youth, and voluntary activities for women and children can be remembered. And it should be said that Shabnam Niazi is a die-hard fan of the art of music, and in the future, she wants to create favorable conditions for Afghan girls in this sector so that they can achieve the art of music and consider music as part of their life.

Mahshid Yousufi

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