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12 Dec

The Institute of Economics and Peace in the annual index of terrorism, which examines the effects of terrorism on the countries of the world, says that in 2019, terrorism caused the most damage to Afghanistan's economy.

Based on this report, six of the 20 deadly terrorist attacks in the world in 2019 occurred in Afghanistan.
This year, 41 percent of all deaths caused by terrorism in the world occurred in Afghanistan.

The attack on the National Security Education Center in Shahr Square in the third month of Aquarius in 2019 was the third deadliest terrorist attack in the world in 2019, which left 129 dead. The Taliban were responsible for this attack.

The attack on the wedding ceremony in the wedding hall of Dubai city in Kabul on 27th of Asad 2018, which was claimed by ISIS, was also the fifth deadliest terrorist attack in 2019 in the world.

In total, among the 20 deadly terrorist attacks in the world in 2019, six attacks have been carried out in Afghanistan, four of which were carried out by the Taliban and two by ISIS.

Ruhollah Ahmadzai, the spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, said: "Taliban groups, ISIS and other terrorist groups are the main reason for the increase in violence and civilian casualties."

In this report of the Institute of Economics and Peace, the Taliban is known as the deadliest terrorist group in the world.
But according to this institute, the casualties linked to the attacks of this group also decreased by 18% in 2019 to 4,990.
The report adds that in 2019, terrorist attacks cost the world $26.4 billion in financial losses, and Afghanistan is the most vulnerable country to terrorism, losing 16.7 percent of its GDP or just under $2 billion. It has been an economic passer.

Esmatullah Ishaqzai, an economic affairs expert, stated: "If peace is secured and the peace process goes well, this is a golden chance for the people and the government."
The report of the Institute of Economics and Peace adds that in 2019, along with Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, India, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Philippines, they witnessed the most terrorist attacks in the world.

Shabnam Niazi

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