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What is the issue of women and the problems they face in our country? It is one of the most urgent social, political, economic and cultural issues of our country. 

Basically, all the affairs of the country's political administration, planning, adaptive methods of executive plans, research issues and scientific explorations are all related to the condition of women in our country and their participation in the social, political, economic, cultural and administrative fields. 

In the course of social explorations, researches and investigations on the issues of nation-state and solutions to our country's national problems, the results of which were reflected in the book "Nation, National Interests and Nation-State in Afghanistan", I came to the conclusion that The issue of women and the problems they face in the Afghan society are one of the most important and pressing issues that should be given close and exploratory attention. 

Not only this issue should be scrutinized and researched, but the opinions of sociologists, experts, experts and politicians in this field should also be considered and evaluated.Because women, in addition to constituting half of the population of our country, are also the mothers and nurturers of the other half of our society, and in this way, the presence of women in our country has a biological and psychological effect on our entire society. And the whole structure of our society has a strong role and influence.

From the study of the history of the development of human society and the study of anthropology and linguistic research, we come to the conclusion that women have played a very large role in the structure and development of human society and are the embodiment of the fulfillment of human hopes on earth, it is women who founded humanity and Education sends a man to the ascension, all humanity lives in prosperity thanks to the blessing of education of women who have raised celebrities, scholars, scientists and experts in their lap, and finally, humanity would not exist if it were not for women. 

Also, experience has clearly shown that in societies where the rate of women's participation in economy, politics, culture and society is high, these societies are prosperous, progressive, prosperous and have a high level of facilities and material facilities.

But in our society, due to the unequal treatment of this group with the importance of society, the existence of patriarchal culture, the existence of family and community violence against women, the passivity of this group against all kinds of discrimination and inequality, and the lack of active participation of this group in all social affairs. political, economic and administration, instrumental abuse of some women representatives in the bureaucratic structure, leadership bodies, electoral processes and civil society of the country and placing it as the general participation of women in the society and the natural division of household affairs and housework and childbearing for Women and the affairs of social, political, economic work, and the administration of country affairs for men means that the unequal division of social work has caused this stratum in the country to be kept away from participating in all social, political and economic developments and its place in the social, political and economic structure of the society.

 It is still empty. As the late Gandhi said in this context: "I strongly believe that the freedom and salvation of a country depends on the sacrifice and insight of its women." A woman is the mother of a man, who can show maximum capacity for love and suffering. By carrying her child for nine months and feeding him with her own being, a woman rejoices in the suffering she endures. What pain can be equal to the pain of childbirth? But the woman forgets these pains in the pleasure she feels from creation. 

May the woman convey this love to the entire human society. »In our country, Afghanistan is one of the most obvious and main indicators of economic, social, political, cultural backwardness and the existence of insecurity, the lack of full participation of women in our society in all fields of economy, administration and society. 

This deprivation has not only turned women into a miserable and weak section of the society, but it has also made the entire society and people miserable, and all the inhabitants of this land pay for this backwardness. It should be mentioned in the question of their participation in developing countries such as Afghanistan, where the country's economy and gross national income are dependent on agriculture, livestock and agricultural and animal husbandry products. Most of the country's population is engaged in this economic and production sector. 

Our country, Afghanistan, is the main economic artery of agriculture and livestock, and the majority of the country's population is engaged in production activities in this sector (of course, the state of production in this sector is not included in the present discussion). The majority of women in our country live in villages and somehow participate in agriculture and animal husbandry with the rest of the family. 

However, according to the existence of anti-feminist thinking, this participation of women is in no way consistent with the basic norms of economic participation, and the woman does not get any material or spiritual income from this participation, but the women of our country in the villages and villages are twice as much as the urban women. Oppression and exploitation are the continuous suppression of patriarchal culture.

During the research to write this thesis, I came to the conclusion that what contributes the most to the legal inequality of women in the society and the continuation of patriarchal culture is illiteracy, ignorance of women in our society about themselves, society and their environment, women's passivity in Equally, all the issues that are related to her fate, lack of confidence and lack of self-confidence to participate in all social and political affairs with the addition of violence against women, the existence of a patriarchal spirit and culture in law enforcement, judicial, and judicial organs, the weakness of Ensuring public order, the low level of people's awareness of human rights, the role of people, especially women, in welfare, development and progress, and the lack of thinking about national interests among people. that every factor or set of factors that I mentioned required scrutiny, research and exploration.

 In this sense, I tried to get a relatively clear picture of the social situation of women in the country through written and oral questionnaires (interviews in absentia and in person) with a significant number of women from different provinces of the country. I want to know how they participate in society, politics, economy and culture and the challenges they face in our country. And based on this research and experiences of more than half a century in the ups and downs of social, work and political life, I decided to write this treatise. To fulfill my religion for the liberation of the women of our society from the tyranny of the dominant culture of patriarchy and to guide the country through the wide participation of women in all social-political-cultural-economic affairs. 

Although I am not a woman, but the pain of the women of our society, who are also my mothers and sisters, and due to the absence of this very valuable half of our society in political, economic, and cultural events, led me to the conclusion that with all my inability I will examine the ability, talent, possibility and help of the life of the real presence of this half of the society, which is at the same time the generative and nurturer of the other half, with all its internal contradictions, disadvantages and advantages. In order to find out what objective and subjective factors have caused that this most important composite component of our society has remained away from the process of social, political, economic and cultural interactions, and thus our country has been in a long period of prosperity of human societies for human well-being. 

It has been involved in the women-burning calamities of fundamentalism, war, fratricide, political, religious, national, linguistic and cultural differences and is regressing day by day.In the course of this research, I found out that a significant number of politicians and those involved in political and social affairs, planners of economic affairs and cultural experts know very well that in principle, participation for social welfare, progress and excellence of the country, and improvement of people's living standards is the most important participation of all people. Including women as half of the important inhabitants of the country is necessary and necessary, but unfortunately, due to the rule of the people and the condition of the patriarchal culture, women are continuously excluded from this process. 

These politicians and planners with justified and unjustified reasons such as women's illiteracy and lack of knowledge and not having enough information about human rights and social obligations, not accepting women in many management positions that men consider as an insult, disregard women's ideological beliefs and attitudes, women's lack of trust due to women's distrust and lack of self-confidence, the existence of exclusive male power at all levels of the country's administration, in which women feel unprotected in this system, women have no control over wealth and resources There are no determinants in our society, the disunity and lack of unity of all women to achieve their desires, due to the existence of cultural taboos, many of which are followed and protected by women in the society, and the abuse of the traditional gender role of women such as mother and nurturer and Other factors that I explain in the text of this treatise ignore women's participation. 

It seems that according to the words of these politicians and planners, they prevent the sensitivities of the society. This attitude not only prevents women from public participation, but also restricts their freedoms and hinders them from becoming literate, gaining knowledge, socializing, ensuring their physical and mental health, and improving their capacities and empowering them. . Under the influence of this culture and this attitude of elites, policy makers and planners, the undue pressure on women intensified and made them stay away from participation and decisions.

Whereas, if these planners and administrators take measures and improve the administration and executive system in our country in such a way that the women of our society can be educated through literacy courses, schools, higher education institutions, and audio media. , visual and printed, to be educated and informed and gain knowledge about individual and social rights, strengthen their self-confidence and become dignified and knowledgeable in all political, social, economic and cultural matters, surely the ability to participate fully in all Social arenas are found and the society is guided towards prosperity, progress and progress in this way.

In the course of this research, I found that women who are knowledgeable and literate are not only successful, creatively innovative, full of self-confidence, and progressive thinkers, but their children, families, and those around them are thoughtful, knowledgeable, creative, innovative, and confident. 

They are breath. According to Gandhi, there is no better school than home and no better teacher than mother and father.Also, in the course of these explorations, I came across many other aspects of the problems faced by the women of our country, for this purpose, I decided to present the conclusions of these findings and evaluations for the awareness of all people, including the women of our country, through a treatise.

I understand very well that writing such urgent and acute social issues is the work of experienced specialists in social affairs, economics and politics, and I do not consider myself as a beginner in these fields. But human, Afghan religion, national interest and patriotism forced me to achieve this great national goal with the spirit of self-confidence. Because I understand very well that the women of our country have been treated inhumanely and its impact on the entire society is overwhelming.

 I believe that by increasing and expanding the participation of women and their active presence in all areas of society, it will bring about the fertility of a new culture of accepting women as human beings with full rights. I still believe in the late Gandhi's belief that women, with their strong weapons of flexibility and resistance, have the ability to humanize the society as a whole. In fact, depriving women from social participation means depriving the society of the abilities, talents, creativity, initiatives, pristine views and valuable ideas of half of the people in the society.In this treatise, I tried to write the dates in AD year to avoid mistakes in translation.

My greatest desire is to spread, publish and disseminate this work to all people, especially the women of our country and the pioneers of the women's movement in our country. Because the latter, in the first step, focused all his efforts to understand the society, the position of women and the problems facing them in the entire country, so that he can turn this force into a powerful and effective force to achieve his rights.Hoping for the day when the men of our country will consider women as full members of the society and women will have an active presence at the top and bottom of the society just like men.


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