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16 Feb

I find it surprising that in the age of technology and information, there are still black characters in our society who (bury the ideals of our innocent and oppressed girls alive with their dreams).

What is the difference between the ignorant people before the advent of the Prophet and the curds of the era of siege, who unfortunately use the name of religion and forcibly marry our girls, teenagers and young men for various reasons and excuses.

If this is a custom and habit among our citizens, what a wretched city is this city in which we breathe. We know girls who dream of becoming a judge and a ruler, we know girls who have not grown up yet but are forced into marriage by their families or special local groups or terrorists; My fear is that one day these ignorant and apparently imamzades who have put Islamic titles on themselves will come to power and become the ruler of our city.

Marriage is an orderly process combined with love and individual and family feelings, which is acceptable both in Islam and at the level of first-class societies, but we are still living in a society where the human rights of girls are not taken into account, and they do not measure whether these girls can be happy and make the husband's family happy or not.

So this is where the society stops progressing and this will continue until the following years as well, as in 1372 and beyond, the Taliban government was established and forced marriage had become a tradition and custom, and these Taliban considered this to be an Islamic custom and a girl who refused forced marriage would be stoned, which is still happening in some provinces. We hope for the day when Afghan women can achieve all their human rights.

Shabnam Niazi

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