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21 Mar

According to the annual survey published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Friday, Afghanistan ranks as the least happy country in the world.
According to Shafqana Afghanistan; The World Happiness Report 2020 shows that Afghanistan has fallen two places lower to the 153rd position in this list.

In this report, most countries are evaluated whose GDP is lower than capital, social support, health and life expectancy, social freedom are limited and there is corruption.

Ranking of cities
For the first time, the World Happiness Report 2020 has also examined the ranking of cities around the world in terms of "mental well-being". And in this case, it has deeply processed issues such as how to combine social, urban and natural environments that affect people's happiness.
In this ranking, the capital of Finland, Helsinki, is ranked first as the happiest country, while the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, has fallen to the bottom of the list.

Finland is the happiest country
In 2018, Finland was at the top of the table among 156 countries.
After that, the countries of Norway, Iceland and Switzerland were chosen as the top 5 countries in the world to live in. Like this year, the standard and level of happiness is determined based on factors such as longevity, social life, freedom and corruption.

Citizens of this country had received the first place due to access to nature, immunity, proper care of children, free education and extremely cheap health care.

But Afghanistan was ranked 145.
The rate of depression in Afghanistan
This statistic was published while the Ministry of Public Health announced in early 2019 that 47% of Afghanistan's population of 32 million suffer from mental illness such as depression.

In 2018, two million people had some kind of mental illness and went to medical centers. While this number was only 50 thousand people in 2007.

The ministry also said that 5% of these patients suffer from depression, and 3% have anxiety and worry. About 9% of patients also use narcotics, sleeping pills and psychoactive drugs.
Among the factors that increase these figures among Afghan citizens, the war, poverty, migration, displacement and loss of relatives in the war have had the greatest impact.

But the war and violence continue, a number of children throughout the country are deprived of the right to education, and people still have less access to health facilities.

10 corrupt countries in the world
In this report, one of its indicators is corruption, and it has also affected Afghanistan's ranking. Meanwhile, in the latest Global Corruption Index report published in the first month of 2020 and published by Transparency International, Afghanistan was one of the 10 countries with the highest level of corruption in 2019.
With 16 out of 100 points, Afghanistan is ranked 170 out of 180 countries in the world.

It should also be noted that according to the latest SIGAR report, the Afghan government has been able to implement 57 of the 76 indicators of fighting corruption.

Despite all this, Afghanistan suffers from great sufferings such as lack of social welfare and access to basic life facilities.

Shabnam Niazi

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