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19 Dec

December 18 coincides with the World Migrants Day, this day is celebrated in Afghanistan while the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan calls the situation of Afghan migrants worrying. Considering the duration of the war as one of the main reasons for the migration of Afghans, this commission asks the warring parties to speed up the process of reaching peace and ending the war by accepting a ceasefire.

 According to the report of Saada Man weekly, Nurul Rahman Akhlaqo (Friday, 28th of August) said in a message on the occasion of International Migrants Day: There are currently more than six million Afghan immigrants living all over the world.

Akhlaqi added: "A war-mongering group, incompatible with contemporary human life and disregarding human rights and citizenship rights of the people, has become the cause of millions of long-term migration of the country's citizens." 

He has emphasized that the migration crisis has placed a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of the Afghan government and the government must handle this "big" responsibility with a healthy, efficient and effective management. This ministry called the situation of Afghan immigrants in the transit route and in some host countries unacceptable, and emphasizes that the efforts to improve their situation are ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Independent Human Rights Commission also asks the Afghan government, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to pay attention to the problems and human rights violations of Afghan immigrants in foreign countries and take steps to improve their situation. According to the information of the Ministry of Immigrants and Returnees, Afghanistan is the second country in the world that has the most immigrants in foreign countries.

Shabnam Niazi

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