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01 Jun

Relatives of a 22-year-old woman in Herat province say that she was hanged by her drug addict husband in Ube district of this province.

Quoted by Rasa Neha, the woman's brother, Mohibullah, told the media today (Tuesday, 11th of Juza) that his sister was murdered two nights ago, five kilometers away from the market in Uba District.

He added that his sister's body has been sent to forensic medicine for further investigation.
According to Mohibullah, his sister's husband was arrested by Taliban fighters. But he emphasizes that this case should be handled by the responsible government institutions.

Abdulahed Walizadeh, the spokesperson of the Herat Police Command, confirmed the death of this woman, but did not provide further details.

Cases of violence against women in Herat province are extremely high, and in this regard, women's rights defenders in Herat have repeatedly asked the government to arrest the perpetrators of heinous violence against women.

Shabnam Niazi

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