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20 Jan

Brave women with feelings and hardworking of our dear country from the beginning to the end; Side by side with fathers, brothers, husbands and men, they have played their part and played their role in all the affairs of life with perseverance, honesty and perseverance, Farakh, whether in the farm, at home or in the fortress, and have passed the test of time successfully.

 A lot of patience, precision and compassion that God has blessed them with, they have won a lot of honors and left a memory in history.

If in the stage of virginity, they have given chastity and good name to themselves, their father, mother and family and later when they step into their husband's house. They have fulfilled and respected their modesty to their husbands and other members of the husband's family thoughtfully and respectfully, and when they have achieved the high position of a mother, they have raised righteous, healthy, and educated children, as a teacher with an effortful feeling and not negligence. The product of their tireless efforts has made mankind proud.

Now, if a boy wears any clothes, says something to a girl, and does any movement in public, he will not be questioned much, but if a girl or woman makes such movements, he will be uproar and what doubts will be noticed. .Therefore, in case of committing a sin, both parties should be called bad, but this is not the case and the fingers of criticism are always pointed towards him (women/ girl). No one supports women and girls and all the sins are on the shoulders of girls.

There are a number of men who have not yet won the heart of a woman as a wife, what excuses, tricks and agreements do they use, and when he has won the heart of a woman and entered into a marriage contract, he is enclosed within the four walls of the groom's house, and then "Sir" thinks that God created his man and the ground should tremble under his feet, that's where the accusations, excuses and such things start, don't go outside anymore and stay at home, don't go to your father's and your brothers' house, bread You cooked it without salt and you didn't give birth to a girl, I wish I didn't catch you and dozens of other excuses and taunts. Underestimating women's rights, imposing illegal and unreasonable restrictions, bad assumptions and dozens of other things that are nothing if a man finds out by himself, but if he finds out about a woman, that woman's life will be at risk such as beatings. He is threatened, insulted, insulted and cursed.
Another important point is that a number of ignorant men in the mass media use the words and thoughts of woman abuse and mother abuse to make jokes and curses, and their humor sometimes gives women unfair, unrealistic and imaginary relationships. Continue with your business plan and earn money. 

Some abusive brothers, sisters and mothers freely and shamelessly give their phone numbers to girls and undercover passers-by in markets and places where they pay them.In this case, if you take a moment with your conscience, if something like this happens to their sister, wife or mother, is it necessary and will they allow such an unpolite act and far from the standards of social ethics to be done with someone? Definitely not.

It must be said for sure that if the number of female doctors is large, many diseases will be prevented, and in the same way, if the number of female police officers is large, many violations will be prevented. This situation will be put an end to, let's remember the pioneer women of our country such as: Malali, Mastorah Ghori, Sultan Razia, Queen Soraya, Sarvari Soltani, Bibi Sangri, Mirman Aino, Badkashi Badkashi, Zarghone Rana, Ayesha. Durrani and thousands of women fighters and veterans, who have mentioned the names of a few of them, have won many honors and left a mark in history.

Another important point that can be mentioned verbally and we are witnessing it is the material poverty that many women are caught in its evil clutches. Outstretched hands include women, men and children, but no one is responsible for it, it shows the so-called poor economic situation of Afghan women, while the Afghan government and other national and international institutions are always against violence against Women and discrimination raise their voices and they have shouted positively, but as far as we have seen, the presence of women in the political, economic and social arenas is still low and violence against women is at its highest level. We wish to see the balance of women's share in all assigned matters.

 Mahshid Yousufi 

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