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09 Feb

The Independent Human Rights Commission published the results of its findings on the Behsood incident yesterday (Monday night, December 20). In this report, local people, protestors, wounded, a member of the House of Representatives, local officials, including the Maidan Wardak police chief, and a doctor have been interviewed.

The findings of this report show that the protesters were unarmed in the first demonstration and the security forces stationed in Behsud district, without "intimidating" measures, shot directly at them to disperse the angry protesters. According to this report, the security forces are the principle of limitation, necessity. And they have violated the proportionality. According to the Human Rights Commission, it was possible to prevent this catastrophic event by planning and observing legal and legal principles and standards.

The report states: "Putting unarmed protesters under surveillance and depriving them of the possibility of contacting their families is an illegal act and the authorities should be held accountable in this case." Interior has welcomed it. This commission demanded from the government to compensate the damage caused to the people and said that the government must guarantee that such encounters and behaviors will not be repeated in the future.

In a part of this report, the Human Rights Commission has explained the origin of the story and wrote that a military convoy consisting of the 333rd unit and Maidan Wardak police, led by the police commander of this province, went to Behsud on 23rd of Jadi to introduce the police commanders of the first and second Hessa districts. But their long-term presence in the place has caused people to worry.
According to the report of this commission, on the 10th of December, after they did not agree to continue negotiations with the Wardak Maidan police commander, the angry protesters marched with Pratap Seng towards the police headquarters of Hesseh Aol Behsud district. In this report, the number of protesters is between 350 and 400 people.

 Is The report added that the security forces fired aerial shots at first, but then "without consideration and caution" they directly fired at the civilians. According to the report of the Human Rights Commission, as a result of the security forces' shooting, 11 people were killed and 31 others were injured. have became. It has also been said that the security forces initially kept more than 100 protesters under surveillance in a hotel, so that they did not have any contact with their families.

The government had appointed a committee to investigate the Behsood incident. The results of the findings of this board were published today by the Ministry of Interior. 

According to these findings, the protesters were unarmed and after the demonstration turned violent, 11 civilians were killed and 31 others were injured during the demonstration. The Ministry of Interior also said that the duty of Allahdad Fadaei, the police commander of Maidan Wardak province, was suspended and his case was closed. It has been sent to the prosecutor's office for further investigation.

Mahshid Yousufi

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