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09 Feb

The governor of Herat says that all the violators of selling pollen in Herat will be punished. 

According to the report, following the media coverage of buying and selling human body parts and selling pollen of some poor people in Herat, the local authorities of this province emphasize that the officials of hospitals and health centers involved in selling pollen were introduced to judicial bodies.

Herat governor's media office announced on Tuesday, December 21, by publishing a newsletter that Seyyed Wahid Qatali, the governor of Herat, met with people who sold their pollen due to economic problems. According to the newsletter, a joint delegation of public health institutions, Prosecutor's office, national security, immigrants and the representative of the medical council have started their work to investigate the claims related to the sale of pollen.

 The newsletter also states that the governor of Herat has promised cash assistance and job opportunities for people who are forced to sell their pollen.

Recently, a number of residents of a village in Anjil district of Herat province, who are internally displaced, had to sell their pollen due to financial problems. Due to the economic problems in Herat, the sale of pollen has caused many reactions.

Shabnam Niazi

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