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09 Feb

The Ministry of Migration announced the number of people who returned to Afghanistan from foreign countries. 

The Minister of Migrants and Returnees Affairs, Nurul Rahman Akhlaqi, gave a speech at the media center, and said that the main cause of migrations and internal displacements, according to the Minister of Migrants Affairs, is war-mongering and insecurity created by the Taliban terrorist group.

Mr. Akhlaqi adds that this year 76 thousand families have been displaced across the country and the ministry has been able to provide assistance to 98 thousand families.

The Minister of Immigrants said: "In 2019, about 850,000 people from all host countries returned home and the most needy of them were helped. 

Among them, about 831,696 people from Iran, 8,223 people from Pakistan, 11,000 and 900 people in 2020 from Turkey and 1,282 people in 2021 from Turkey and also from European countries 935 people (259 mandatory and 676 voluntary) in 2020 and (31) people (29 mandatory and 3 voluntary) ) is in 2021."He says that the Ministry of Immigrant Affairs and Return has provided humanitarian assistance to 10 percent of the needy returnees who came from Iran and all the returnees from Turkey.

Mahshid Yousufi

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