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15 Jul

The Ministry of Public Health announced the daily statistics of the corona virus infection on Thursday, the 24th of Cancer. According to the announcement of this ministry, 89 corona patients have died.
The Ministry of Public Health has tested three thousand and 528 samples suspected of corona virus in the past day and night.
Of these, 1,188 new corona patients have been identified.
Also, 1,613 corona patients have recovered in the past day and night.
With the registration of new figures, the total number of corona patients in the country has reached 139 thousand 51 people.
Of these, six thousand and seventy-two corona patients have died so far.
Deaths due to corona virus have increased in recent days in the country.
The third wave of the corona virus is spreading rapidly. The Ministry of Public Health has admitted that the actual number of people infected with Corona and the death due to it in the country is more than the announced number.

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