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10 May

 Although the Afghan government has suggested that the negotiations continue inside Afghanistan; But it is impossible for the Taliban to agree to this proposal. 

The Afghan government wants to put the Taliban under the pressure of public opinion by continuing negotiations in Afghanistan. But this group has not expressed an opinion about changing the location of the negotiations.

As you can see, there is a gap as wide as the Chinese wall between the agenda items of both sides. What is certain is that the difference in views is natural and based on this difference, the war continues, what is more important is the outcome of the negotiation process. Recently, an explosion at the end of the Quran ceremony in Ghazni left at least 15 people dead and 20 injured. Obviously, the explosion targeted a civilian gathering. A car full of explosives was detonated in a house during the Koran ceremony. Among the victims of this event, as always, children are also included, which indicates a war crime. Of course, this time most of the victims are children.

The clear message of the Ghazni explosion is that peace so far is nothing more than a mirage. At least the expectation was that as a result of the peace negotiations, the war would be focused on military objectives. But these days in Afghanistan, the problem is the opposite. Civilians are still the available victims of terrorist groups in Afghanistan. As always, the scenario is that the Taliban denies responsibility for this attack, the Afghan government holds the Taliban responsible for the events. 

The clear meaning of this situation is the political use of the killing of civilians in Afghanistan.
On the other hand, with each passing day, the people's frustration with the peace talks increases. Few still hold out hope for peace. When the US and the Taliban signed a peace agreement, many Afghans hoped for an end to the war. But today hope has given way to despair and helplessness in a confused situation for the citizens. The hope is that the parties can reach an agreement on the middle limit of their demands. What has become clear is that there is a gap between the demands of the parties, the negotiation process will show to what extent the Taliban are willing to give up their demands that are not compatible with the current Afghanistan.

The main demand of the people of Afghanistan is a ceasefire and an end to unnecessary bloodshed. If there is to be peace, it will come by stopping these bloodsheds. Therefore, it is better for the Taliban to show their intention for peace by agreeing to a ceasefire. 

The possible scenario of rapprochement between the Taliban and Ghani will become a reality, and it is probably based on these hopes that the government released the Pakistani prisoners, and this was a green light for Pakistan. Meanwhile, the main competence of the negotiations should be in the hands of the negotiating team. The negotiating body and the Supreme Reconciliation Council should decide what to do and the government should not interfere in the work of this council. 

If there is a dispute between the reconciliation council and the government and the negotiating body loses the main competence of the negotiations, then the Afghan peace process It will face serious problems because the international community has made their assistance to Afghanistan conditional and one of its conditions is the healthy continuation of the peace process. 

It is better for the National Reconciliation Council to resolve all their differences with the government on how the peace negotiations should be conducted and make it clear what they want from the peace negotiations, and the limits and scope of the authority of the government's negotiating body should be defined and there should be no ambiguity in the relationship. be Likewise, if the government reaches an agreement with the Taliban without the demands of other groups, then peace in the country will not be ensured. 

It was noted that Mr. Mohammad Yunus Kouni clearly said that if the government agrees with the Taliban and bypasses the current of resistance, in that case, a second resistance will be formed in the country and the war will continue for years.

Hasibullah Yousufi

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