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12 Jan

The American newspaper Washington Post has mentioned in the leaked documents of Afghanistan that one third of the local police forces of Afghanistan are either drug addicts or have become members of the Taliban group.

The American newspaper Washington Post wrote in a part of the leaked documents about Afghanistan, which is based on the interviews of the American officials: "It seems that a third of the Afghan local police forces are addicted to drugs or are inclined to the Taliban."

In the continuation of these documents, it is stated that the main concern of the local police forces was to get fuel from the American forces, the local police always wanted fuel.
Afghan authorities have not reacted to this issue so far.

The confidential documents published by this American media about the war in Afghanistan show that the administrations of Bush, Obama and Trump have given "misleading" information to the public opinion about the war in Afghanistan and the progress in this country, and based on these documents, American officials consider the war in Afghanistan unwinnable.

Part of these published documents are 600 interviews that John Sepko, the US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Peace Affairs, had conducted with senior officials of this country, but it was not supposed to be published.

Shabnam Niazi

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