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13 Jan

The Ministry of National Defense of Afghanistan announced today [Monday, January 13] that a Taliban customs office in "Shibkoh" district located in Farah province in the west of this country with a daily income of 3 million Afghanis was destroyed by the security forces.

Fawad Aman, the deputy spokesperson of this ministry, wrote on his official Twitter page that the Taliban at this customs office "extorted more than 3 million Afghanis daily by coercion and force" from the people who passed through this route.

The demolition of this Taliban customs post was carried out in the framework of a large-scale operation, according to the Afghan Ministry of Defense, as a result of which, "large areas of the Taliban group were cleared and heavy casualties were inflicted on this group".

"Shibkoh" is one of the border districts of Farah, which is located 75 kilometers west of the center of this province and has a common border with Iran.

Hasibullah Yousufi

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