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06 Jul

Following the intensification of the war in the north and northeast of Afghanistan and the fall of more areas to the hands of the Taliban, the government of Tajikistan has decided to move more troops to the border with Afghanistan in order to prevent terrorists from entering Tajikistan.

For several weeks now, the war between the Taliban fighters and the Afghan security forces has been going on in the northern provinces of Afghanistan.
Following these conflicts, the Taliban have managed to take control of a number of districts/cities in northern Afghanistan.

A number of northern provinces of Afghanistan, including Badakhshan province, where the presence of the Taliban has expanded in recent days, share a border with Tajikistan.
Now, Tajikistan is worried about the advance of the Taliban to the border areas of the two countries and has decided to protect its borders by moving more forces.

Imam Ali Rahman, the President of Tajikistan, recently chaired the meeting of the National Security Council of Tajikistan and in response to the security concerns of Afghanistan towards Tajikistan, he ordered his defense minister to send 20,000 reserve forces to the border areas with Afghanistan.

Tajik media have reported that in the last few days, nearly 1,500 Afghan soldiers have entered the territory of Tajikistan in separate groups after the conflict with the Taliban.
Although the security institutions of Afghanistan have not officially confirmed this news, President Ghani said in a recent phone call with the President of Tajikistan that a number of Afghan citizens have taken refuge in the border areas of Tajikistan after the "tyranny and terror" of the Taliban and emphasized that his government He will soon take the necessary measures to deal with these citizens.

Meanwhile, Russia, which has considerable influence in the countries of Central Asia, including Tajikistan, and has an irreplaceable military power in the region, said that it is ready to act against possible threats to Tajikistan.

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