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31 Dec

Peace will be valuable for a society when, like Afghanistan, they have struggled with war, violence, extortion, suicide, etc. for years. After the collapse of the Taliban rule, the international community former and current presidents tried hard to find peace, they spent money, but peace was not achieved.  In order to find peace, guns, guns, cannons and tanks will bring more peace, but building trust in society and the region. 

With this way of working, the international community pursued peace in Afghanistan, and the anti-peace word, which is actually war, was strengthened.The policy of rebuilding crisis-prone and violent areas or war zones was met with complete failure, and every time reconstruction and development was given, the war intensified to the same extent. Some people, if they were not eager for war, were self-aware and evaluated war as one of the ways to achieve reconstruction in their regions or provinces and took the path of war.

So how to achieve lasting peace?Before we talk about lasting peace, I will define peace. Peace is considered a universal ideal. Peace is not an absolute concept and can be defined differently depending on the religious and cultural point of view. Similarly, peace can be studied from different aspects. including issues related to war, disarmament and military arms control and other issues. Therefore, lasting peace or ideal peace, based on Kant's views, is the product of a situation in which governments achieve a peaceful union and universal laws by accepting the democratic system.But peace in Afghanistan has now become a phenomenon with serious concerns among the people of Afghanistan and the country's statesmen. During these years, with the efforts of the former president of the country, Hamid Karzai, and current presidents these efforts have been called a failure.

In the opinion of domestic and international analysts, the Afghan peace process has three dimensions: the first is the domestic dimension, the second is the regional dimension, and the international dimension;
First, the domestic dimension: In this dimension it is mentioned the cultivation and production of narcotics, a large part of the income goes to the armed opposition, corruption and dissatisfaction with the government and other challenges that are the basis of distance and war can be mentioned.

Second, in the regional dimension: In the regional dimension, Pakistan is considered the refuge and the main center of training and education of terrorists, according to the analysts and political experts of Islamabad, with this approach, it wants to achieve long-term goals in Afghanistan and the region, especially against the rival His long-standing desire is to follow India, and for this reason, he uses insurgent and Taliban activities to achieve his goals.

Third, the international dimension: America and other great powers such as Britain are considered to be involved in the peace process. Apparently, some people believe that the US pursues goals in the region so that the extremist group is not destroyed in its fundamental form, while the US, with its close relationship with Pakistan, does not want to force this country to fight honestly and cooperate in the peace process.

Despite all this, the people of Afghanistan expect the formation of a new government and the development of new policies of war and violence in Afghanistan, and the citizens of the country will achieve their long-standing dream of lasting peace.

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