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23 Sep

The government officials of Ghazni province in southern Afghanistan have confirmed that the control of Jaghto district in this province has been removed from the control of the Taliban after a year.

The Ghazni governor's office added that the joint Afghan security forces succeeded in capturing all parts of Jaghto district within two days of military operations.

According to this announcement, after this operation, the security forces are establishing security checkpoints in the areas and route of Dara Qiyaq which connect the districts of Ajristan, Naver, Jaghori and Malestan with the center of Ghazni.

The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan has also announced the capture of this district by publishing a newsletter. In this operation, according to the governor's office, the Taliban suffered casualties and 11 rebels were captured.
The Taliban rejected this news and said that the government forces did not succeed in advancing towards the district center.

At the same time, the police officials of Ghazni Province have said that today the security forces are going to activate the Jagto district headquarters in Sadaqat Bazaar, which is located on the way from Jagtovi to Ghazni city, and these forces have so far succeeded in clearing the "Sarab" area, where the center of Jaghto district is located. Yes, they haven't.

In the past days, several districts of Afghanistan, including two districts in Badakhshan province, came under the control of the government. The Taliban also said that they have succeeded in capturing several districts in Takhar and Kunduz provinces in northeastern Afghanistan.

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