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12 Aug

The Ministry of Refugees and Returnees of Afghanistan says that thousands of people have been displaced due to the increase in Taliban attacks in many provinces of the country. Mohammad Reza Baher, the deputy spokesman of the ministry, said that in the last 15 days, about 5,300 families have fled from their main areas.

He added that with the intensification of violence in this country, the process of providing assistance to the internally displaced has also stopped in some provinces. Only more than 35 thousand of them were from Nangarhar, Kunduz, Helmand and Kandahar provinces. This is despite the fact that the Taliban have recently increased their attacks on the cities and in the last six days, they have captured parts of the centers of Nimroz, Sheberghan, Kunduz and Sarpol.

Afghan security officials say that security forces are present in parts of these cities and their efforts are ongoing to drive Taliban fighters away from the centers of this province. As the clashes between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban continue, it is said that the markets in Kunduz, Sarpol and Jawzjan have been closed and have caused many problems to the residents of these provinces.

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