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15 Dec

Two senior American government officials announced that the White House accused the Chinese government of providing financial support to the attack of the militants in Afghanistan on the American military.

Two US officials, claimed that the current US President Donald Trump's administration plans to declassify unconfirmed information that includes accusations against China of trying to pay financial incentives to non-state actors in It is for attacking American soldiers in Afghanistan.These accusations come 20 days before the handing over of power to Democrat Joe Biden, while Trump has been seeking to increase pressure against China for months and to close the hands of subsequent Washington administrations in dealing with Beijing.
At the end of June of this year, the American publication New York Times claimed in a report quoting American intelligence officials that Moscow was rewarding the Taliban for killing American forces in Afghanistan.

In the first reaction to this report, which also led to the denial of Russia and the Taliban, Trump said: "No one informed me, Mike Pence, who is my deputy, or Mark Meadows, the chief of staff of the White House, about a malicious attack on our forces in Afghanistan by Russia. Is".

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Russian President, also announced that the report of the American newspaper New York Times about Russia's secret cooperation with the Taliban group is false and baseless.

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