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About Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan, different and different views have been said. Some have introduced him as a Muslim nationalist with the idea of friendship with Afghanistan and at the same time as a decisive and steadfast person in his decisions. And him who was the prime minister for a period of ten years during the era of Mohammad Zahir Shah and also for a period when he himself staged a coup and seized power. 

They have introduced themselves with a positive and other-minded idea that considers their interests to be the same as the interests of the Afghan people. But some people have considered this ruler as a nationalist who has given all his sorrow and pain during the periods of his rule and power for the same idea. The slogan of independent Pashtunistan and the majority of Pashtuns on the other side of the Durand Line are considered to be the result of his thinking. 

During his prime ministership, he kept the relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan hot and tense in order to make Pashtunistan independent from Pakistan. and join Afghanistan. And even sporadic military clashes took place on the borders of the two countries. But these tensions and hot and cold wars have always caused distrust between the two countries. And not only the people of Sarhad and Waziri did not join Afghanistan; Rather, they always tried to strengthen the government of Pakistan. And Afghanistan suffered from this area. 

By straining its relations with Pakistan and supporting the United States of America, Afghanistan fell into the trap of the Soviet Union. Although Dawood Khan tried to show himself and his government as independent. and can cause the country of Pakistan to suffer. But during those periods, it was Afghanistan that was in trouble. And it was Afghanistan that witnessed the change of governments in which Pakistan did not play a role. 

The foundation of these bottlenecks was laid in the age of Sardar. He criticized the government of Pakistan for not respecting social justice and not recognizing the rights of Pashtuns and Balochs. But in Afghanistan, poverty and backwardness had made the people of Afghanistan needy and consumers of other countries. Cities are similar to villages and people are ignorant of technology and industry and mostly work and live in agriculture and live like primitive humans. Illiteracy was common among the people of Afghanistan. 

While the government spent huge amounts of money to support the people of Sarhad and Waziri. But did the people and government of Afghanistan benefit from these actions or the neighboring country? Is it the people of Afghanistan who are paying the price for the policies of that time or Pakistan? Pakistan has become more powerful day by day and Afghanistan with the clumsy policies of its leaders; Today, it is considered one of the most insecure, poor and backward countries in the world. Whose responsibility is this? People or rulers who could not follow the policy of development and progress. And the people of Afghanistan did not see it in the same way. 

They sacrificed themselves and the nation. Sardar Dawood Khan during the periods of his dynastic rule that his cousin Zahir; Shahi used to hold different government positions. He went from the Ministry of Defense to the Prime Minister. But the head of giving a price to the fans of the Eastern Bloc brought him under the blade of this Bloc.

Personal details of Dawood Khan:

 Dawood Khan was a patriotic, autocratic and proud personality who was interested in the progress and advancement of the country to the last frontier. According to the words of those who were close to him, he was not busy with drunkenness, cursing and cursing. He has been ahead of most of the members of the royal family in his present and past eras in outward and spiritual piety. Among the people, there has not been a special reputation for acting against religion

Civil and economic works of Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan during the Republic era: From the first days of his rule, Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan tried to do some economic work and development of the country. Although Sardari was an autocrat, he also showed interest in the development of the country, because in today's world, any ruler who wants his name to be recorded in history must try to create transformation in his country. 

During his five-year tenure, he carried out construction and expansion plans, including the 25-year expansion plan and the seven-year plan, the survey of the railway line from Islam Qala to Kandahar and Ghazni and the Charkhi bridge in Kabul, the Logar International Airport project in the plains. Mohammad Agheh Castle, Ainak copper mining, which is one of the largest copper mines in the world. He mentioned the construction of several schools and medicine schools in Kabul, the construction of a television project, the asphalting of Kabul to Gardiz, the construction of several dams and the activation of some industries, etc.The government of the Republic faced favorable economic conditions at the beginning of its work. Because at the same time, the economic activity in the Arab countries and Iran, due to the unprecedented increase in the price of oil, attracted a large number of Afghan people who were suffering from unemployment or insufficient work for the family economy to the aforementioned countries, and their incomes to Foreign currency is imported into the country and the price of Afghanistan's export goods abroad also increased. As a result, the rate of foreign exchange (currency) decreased and people's consumer goods became available to the public in large quantities and at reasonable prices. On the other hand, two Soviet countries and the United States also added their aid.

Growth of industry during the time of Daud KhanDaud Khan:
The growth of industry during the time of Daud KhanDaud Khan was a powerful person and politician of Afghanistan. During the reign of Mohammad Zahir Shah, he equipped the Afghan army with modern Russian weapons. During his rule, Mohammad Daud Khan contributed a lot in economic development and public benefit projects. 

He undertook a 25-year development project in the country's construction, Afghanistan TV construction project, railway survey from Islam Qala Turghandi, Kandahar, Ghazni to Kabul, Logar Qala air field project, Aynak copper extraction, electric dam, asphalt road of Kabul Gardiz, etc. undertook Dawood Khan was killed by coup plotting officers on 7th of Thor 1357.

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