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11 Sep

The Ministry of Defense has announced that 6 army soldiers died as a result of the Taliban attack in Shirzad district of Nangarhar province.

In a newsletter published by this ministry, it is stated that Taliban attacked security and defense forces posts in Gandamak area of Shirzad district of Nangarhar province at around 1:30 on Thursday night (20 Sanblah).

The ministry said that during the conflict between the two sides, 6 army soldiers died and 5 others were injured.
Although the Ministry of Defense has said that the Taliban attack was repelled by the resistance of the security forces and they suffered heavy casualties; However, nothing has been said about the number of Taliban casualties.

Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan is considered the largest center of ISIS terrorist group in this country and other  groups including Taliban have a large presence there.

 However, as a result of the operations of the security forces in the past few years, the activity of the ISIS group in eastern Afghanistan has decreased; But it is not gone.

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