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25 Dec

27 members of the Afghan Helmand peace convoy were kidnapped by the Taliban group in the southwest of this country. The spokesperson of this convoy says that since the disappearance of these people, they have no information about their condition.

These people disappeared around 5 pm on Tuesday, 3rd of Jedi/December 24, in "Balablock" area of Farah province, and since then there is no information about them.Bismillah Watandoost, the Helmand peace convoy says that these people were abducted by Taliban fighters in 6 cars in Balablok district.

The offer of the Helmandi peacekeepers convoy says that he tells you this convoy, local elders have also started searching for these 27 people and have started talks with the Taliban's decisions. According to Mr. Watandoost, the Taliban's words asked for opportunities to discuss this issue with their leaders.

The Helmandi peace-seeking caravan was formed a while ago after a Nowruz program was targeted by a suicide attack in Lashkargah, the capital of Helmand province, and since then, they have been trying to promote peace and end the war in Afghanistan.In the month of Mizan this year, 6 members of this convoy who were passing through Logar province were kidnapped by the Taliban, but they were released after a few hours.

The Helmand peace caravan has traveled to more than 20 provinces of Afghanistan on foot to establish peace and end the war.

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