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08 Mar

Research by the Center for the Support of Women Journalists shows that currently, there are 1,139 professional female journalists working in the Afghan media, and this number has increased by 49% compared to a year ago.

The Center for the Support of Women Journalists in Afghanistan is one of the media institutions that was established in cooperation with the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the International Organization for the Defense of Journalists' Rights on 17 August 2016, for the rights of female journalists.

Today, in a ceremony held on the occasion of the anniversary of this center in Kabul, this institution announced the results of its latest research, which was obtained through contact with 329 national and local media and three organizations supporting journalists (Committee for the Protection of Journalists, "Ni" office supporting media Azad Afghanistan and Association of Afghan Women Journalists) published in Afghanistan.

The findings of this institution show that 7577 employees are working in the mentioned media, 1741 of them (22%) are women, and 1139 of them are professionals.

According to the information of the Department of Publications of the Ministry of Information and Culture, about 363 media outlets are legally active in Afghanistan.

The Center for the Support of Women Journalists in Afghanistan published the statistics of women journalists for the first time on August 19, 2018, which was the result of discussions with 323 media outlets. In that report, 1,696 women were working in the media, of which 764 were professionals, but according to the current findings of the center, the number of professional female journalists in the country has increased from 764 to 1,139.

Based on his new research, the source states that Kabul has 108 media outlets with 4,940 employees, and among them, 1,080 are women, of which 816 are professional women. Balkh ranks second with 200 employees and 79 women, of which 42 are professionals, followed by Herat with 294 media employees, of which 74 are women and 37 of these women are professionals. contract.

Mahshid Yousufi

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