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03 Jan

The Center of Afghan Journalists announced in a report that 8 journalists were killed and at least 19 others were injured in the country last year due to continued violence and targeted terrorist attacks.

In its annual report on violence against journalists and targeted assassinations of media activists, the Afghan Journalists Center announced on Saturday: "During 2020, 8 journalists and media workers died due to violence and terrorist attacks. At least 19 journalists and media workers were killed in Criminal and similar terrorist events have injured people in different provinces of this country.
According to this report, Safar Mohammad Atel, anchor of Simon Radio station in Lashkargah, Ahmad Khan Navid, anchor of Ghor Radio in Firozkoh, Mir Wahid Shah Amiri, reporter and cameraman of Khurshid TV in Kabul, Elias Daei, reporter of Azadi Radio in Lashkargah, Malala Mewand, The anchor of Efreq TV and Taher Khan, the driver of this media in Jalalabad, and Rahmatullah Nikzad, the independent cameraman (collaborator with Al Jazeera TV and Associated Press news agency) were killed in Ghazni in the last one year in Afghanistan.

According to the statistics of this center, "Covid-19 disease has claimed the lives of at least 7 members of the media in Afghanistan.
In the continuation of this report, it is stated: "Afghanistan Journalists' Center, headed by Ahmad Qureshi, has so far managed to solve 112 cases related to issues such as being killed and injured, physical violence, insults and humiliation, threats, pressure and intimidation, or to register attacks and acts of sabotage against journalists and media workers in this country".

The statistics recorded by this center show that in the last 12 months, in addition to media workers killed and injured, "there have also been 45 cases of threats, 11 cases of physical violence, 6 cases of arrests, 6 cases of kidnapping and 4 cases of armed action against journalists." and the members of the media have been registered. ISIS elements are suspected or accused of killing 2 presenters, a technical employee and a service employee; the Taliban killed a reporter and a cameraman; and unknown persons are suspected or accused of killing two presenters."

Mahshid Yousufi

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