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31 Dec

The Ministry of Public Health expressed concern about the spread of the mutated type of the corona virus in the country and asked citizens to limit their trips abroad.Ahmad Javad Osmani, the country's public health minister, said in a press conference in Kabul on Thursday (Jadi 11) that the new type of corona virus has been observed in Afghanistan's neighboring countries and there is a possibility of its spread in Afghanistan as well.

He added that to prevent the spread of this virus, the citizens of the country should limit their trips to these countries. He asked people not to travel to these countries for four weeks.
Also, the Ministry of Public Health has made testing mandatory for travelers traveling to Afghanistan. Usmani said: "When travelers come to Afghanistan, they should not be allowed to travel without a test. In the same way, those who travel abroad from Afghanistan should have a corona test.

On the other hand, the Minister of Public Health says that this ministry does not have the ability to determine the nature of the corona virus. However, he noted that they are trying to prepare the ground for diagnosing this virus inside the country.
Ahmadjavad Osmani, the Minister of Public Health, considered the current situation satisfactory and said that in recent weeks, the corona virus has not increased and has remained stable.
He added that the second wave of the corona virus is longer than the first wave and the ministry is prepared to deal with it.
Osmani said that to fight the second wave of the corona virus, there are five committees in the departments of treatment, laboratory, incident detection, treatment and care of patients at home.

According to him, these committees are working regularly to contain the second wave of the corona virus.
The Minister of Public Health asked citizens to follow health recommendations and avoid gatherings.
It should be mentioned that the new type of corona virus was recognized in England. Now this virus has spread in Pakistan and India.

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