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16 Feb

What is sculpture? A statue, which is also called a statue, is a three-dimensional figure that is made for a specific purpose in awe of a person, object, or animal.

 In other words, any three-dimensional shape that is created for a specific purpose and artistically can be called a figure or a sculpture.

Use of statue: Many statues are made to commemorate historical events. Statues may be made to commemorate historical figures, such as Mahatma Gandhi, and many statues are also displayed as public art. Few of the statues themselves become a manifestation of history.

  Types of sculpture: sculpture with mud, sculpture with plaster, sculpture with wood, sculpture with stone. 

Throughout history, many intuitive artists can be named such as: Phidias, Myron, Michelangelo, Henry Moore, Picasso Constantin, Brancusi, Donatello    

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