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12 Aug

One of the fascinating and interesting arts that is placed in the category of visual arts is the art of caricature.

The term caricature means to exaggerate or oversimplify certain characteristics when describing a character. This word is actually derived from an Italian word, Caricare, which means to load and charge.

Caricature became popular in art in the 16th and 17th centuries. European aristocrats used this art as a way to mock politicians. It is a branch of visual arts based on face design. One can see these works of art throughout art and literature. This art is one of the popular literary tools among writers.

 Cartoons can be funny or offensive, subtle or obvious.
If used well, they can add another layer of meaning to a novel, story, or painting, and be a different way to read and understand a text or image. However, if this art is misused, instead of highlighting the art and skill of a writer or artist, their ignorance is highlighted. In this case, they are immersed in a stereotype that will make the reader feel insulted, tired and annoyed.

Types of caricatures: political caricatures, literary caricatures, facial caricatures, thematic caricatures, comic strips, emotional caricatures, press caricatures, racial caricatures...

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