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29 Jul

Afghan cinematographers write letters to famous movie star Angelina Jolie.  

Sahra Karimi, the director of Afghan Film, has informed that a letter is going to be written to Angelina Jolie to get her support for the artists, cinematographers, women and children of Afghanistan.According to Mrs. Karimi, the purpose of writing this letter to the world-renowned cinematographer is to call for solidarity "in bringing the crime of the Taliban to the ears of the world and for the international community not to be silent and indifferent to these crimes."

I am currently drafting a letter to Angelina Jolie in support of Afghan artists, cinematographers, women and children, and inviting her to join us in bringing the Taliban's crimes to the attention of the world and the international community not being silent and indifferent to these crimes. 

I need cooperation in the English department so that the letter is correct!Angelina Jolie had previously sent a letter to Sahra Karimi, the director of the Afghan film, congratulating him on his appointment in this position.


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